The Swiss musician and producer Martial aka MAVAREL was born in Berne, Switzerland. The music of MAVAREL is uncompromising and doesn't follow conventional song structures. In spite of his individualism, he likes to get inspiration from artists such as Lorn, ARCA, Lapalux, and Rival Consoles. In terms of genre, his music can be classified as IDM, Electronica and Ambient

As of today, MAVAREL has released three EPs. All of them could be seen as sequels. With MAVAREL, listeners can journey into their imagination to discover unknown inner and outer places and spaces. After he led us into nocturnal dream worlds and then into the depths of space in his first two EPs ("Precognitive Dreams" and "Between Earth and Infinity"), the EP „Sonority of Disintegration“ is inspired by MAVAREL`S fascination with „lost places“, derelict buildings left to crumble and getting reclaimed by nature.

Even though MAVAREL'S musical storytelling is highly episodic, it is also highly consistent. As a result, his first album "Consistent" incorporates new styles (danceable, club-music) with older songs. Taking a look at the video-clip for “Consistent,” we can see how this might sound and look like: Two dancers dance to dense and spherical sounds by MAVAREL, transforming the sounds into movements that take them out of the grey world of business and into lively streets.