The exceptional Swiss talent MELDAY releases her EP "All I Wanna Do Is Climb" under her new home label LIVANA MUSIC, enchanting listeners once again with her warm and soulful voice that invites us to dream and dance. With honesty and authenticity, the product of real life experiences, she sings her way directly into the hearts of her listeners. In doing so, she effortlessly swings between themes of injustice, doubt, happiness and love.

The courage to change is and remains a musical challenge for MELDAY, which she faces with self-reflection and successfully masters. Numerous experiences, thoughts and feelings from the last two years, with a pinch of sadness, are transformed by the 24-year-old singer into a concentrated load of "edgy pop", without seeming tedious or sentimental. In her lyrics, MELDAY mentally jumps between illusion and reality, and in doing so shows enough courage to venture out of her comfort zone as a songwriter, to explore new territory, to look into deep abysses, and to share this with the world in both her content and vocals.

MELDAY can look back on a short but successful career thus far. With her second single "Greatest Torture" she broke the 500k plays limit, took part in MyCokeSoundCheck, and only one month later advanced to "SRF3 Best Talent".