Tobias Carshey opens the door to his emotional apartment and welcomes you inside. At times, it can be a dark place, chaotic and messy, but its authenticity makes you feel right at home. You won't know what to expect from this musician because he prefers to go off the beaten path instead of staying on track. Often melancholic like in "Almond Eyes", he sometimes lashes out angrily and wildly like in Fever. However, his raspy, strong voice guides you through every song. After Covid and the birth of his first son, Carshey took some time off. However, he is back with a brand new EP. Dark and dreamy indie pop with a hint of 60's soul. His songs were recorded live to tape, far from the digital world. Carshey's songs have a light hum and that well-known wobble that give them a depth, almost unbearable at times. A live performance by Tobias Carshey is a must-see for anyone who is not afraid of their emotions. Whether solo or with a full band.