Fresh electronic pop that seems soft and fragile in one moment yet challenges the world in the next – that's the promise of the newcomer trio WE ARE AVA from Eastern Switzerland. On the road for just three years, the trio has already drawn attention with their dream-dancing sound, pointed lyrics, and Kim's clear voice.
Only one year after its foundation, the band released their debut EP "Feel Them Listening".  In 2020, Andy, Nicola and Kim did not resign and turned their attention to upcoming music despite the situation around them. The album "Inner Gardening" was released in September 2021 and shines with 11 strong pop songs.
The band's sound is more mature, poppy and captivating, but also more disarming than before. This shows how much the three have developed and will continue to do so.The soundscapes are infectious and multi-faceted, the vibe international, the vocals clear and distinctive, the lyrics grabbing issues by the scruff of the neck to deliver a 34.52-minute soul trip.