A few words from Chiara Dubey

Our artist Chiara Dubey is currently working on her upcoming album and we’re super excited! She describes her second album as a beautiful and nuanced exploration of the human experience. We can’t wait to hear it! Chiara’s album promises to be an emotionally rich and captivating journey for listeners. With the first single likely to be released around September, anticipation for this masterpiece is sure to build. Moreover, fans can look forward to some incredible collaborations along the way.

“I love these creative times. I love new beginnings.
I feel like I have the chance to reinvent my world, rewrite my story, and start over.
We are always in transformation and are never the same person as the day before.
So, sometimes we need a new dress that fits our life better.
I am in the middle of this changeover, and it’s frightening, exciting, and refreshing. 

This fall, after quite a few months (slow cooking) spent writing in my home studio with my talking cat, my upcoming album will be ready, and with it, my next chapter.
It will be kind of a “personal” work, a way for me to share and celebrate some sides of this messy inner microcosm of mine.  

All compositions are now more or less ready, and last week we had the strings and woodwinds recording session – after a sleepless score-writing marathon – in collaboration with RSI Studios. 

The next steps are: recording my vocals, refining the production, mixing & mastering, and finally, printing. There is an intense summer ahead, but it will be worth it! 

In all this, my talented friend Jakob Eisenbach and my label LIVANA Music have been so precious, accompanying me through the whole process.
I really can’t wait to let you be a part of this with me. I hope you will still wait for me a little longer, and be part of my journey! 

Wishing you a warm summer under the lucky star.

With affection, Chiara