A case study by PIANITY

Lazer Boomerang “Interstellar” via LIVANA MUSIC

PIANITY, a french NFT platform, created a promotion/marketing use case for our first musicNFT drop. The blockchain based NFT store, allows users to securely and reliably purchase, sell and trade musicNFTs. This provides artists, labes and fans with a new way to interact and engage with each other.

“Imagine having your NFT release turning out to be a huge success, selling out lots of units within a couple of hours. Sounds great, right?

This was the story of Lazer Boomerang’s first music NFT release on Pianity. Lazer Boomerang’s NFT, Interstellar became a huge success both for the artist and his label, LIVANA MUSIC, resulting in a rapid sell-out of the 50% of the NFTs during the first week of the drop.

The secret sauce to this success story is very simple, and here’s how to make it…” read more via this link

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