Cinematic music, straight out of Altstetten

Zurich’s Iron Mayhem is giving a track as free download

Iron Mayhem is a quite new project from Zurich’s producer Samy. Actually, the project has been started some years ago but only now he feels ready to share it with the world, together with us. His music is ready, but what is as important as finished, good music? People who know about the artist and want to listen to his music! So that’s what we are trying to do right now, we are looking for people that love cinematic music, which is dreamy, beautiful and mystical. Iron Mayhem lives in Zurich Altstetten, in Switzerland. He never left his house without the recording equipment and captured all different kind of sounds in his neighbourhood. Whilst walking around, waiting for a taxi or ordering something in a restaurant, there are so many different noises.

So, one of the tracks he made is called “Fougerette”, an ode to his favorite place for holidays – and the place where he got married. A beautiful castle in France where Iron can forget about everything and just relax. This track is given away as free download. All you have to do is to click on this link and follow him on his socials. So that you won’t miss his other tracks and all the news about Iron Mayhem’s little (or big) steps ahead.

Thank you to everyone! Let’s go on this journey together!