A journey of pure sonic bliss

The big news is that Lazer Boomerang is going to play live this year, he will drop a new NFT, and he is releasing his first artist album at the end of 2024. Plus, a new EP is coming out, very soon

“Music is my way of fighting for myself, my daughter, and all those around me. It keeps me sane.”

A life filled with ups and downs, trauma, sadness, loss, and big dreams. A better way to explain Lazer Boomerang’s journey could not exist. It explains why his epic synthwave creations sound the way they do, accompanied by striking visuals. Bringing together nostalgia, sadness, happiness, and positivity.

Since the viral hit “Time To Pretend,” the Swiss synthwave master has further developed his audio productions. “My music should sound the way I envision it. That is my goal, that is what drives me.”

Lazer Boomerang packs big emotions into his world of audio and video. Making people happy is his only goal. “The thing that matters to me is providing them comfort, joy, hope. Everything else is irrelevant.”

That’s exactly what he’ll do with his upcoming EP “After Hours”. Anger, love, and life are the themes of these songs. The hardships of life – and how to overcome them.

With a new EP, a forthcoming artist album, more NFT drops, and a staggering live show, Lazer Boomerang kicks off 2024 with some big bangs. In addition to showcasing the artist’s unique sound and energy, the show will be a grand spectacle. Lazer Boomerang is determined to provide his fans with a memorable experience. Get ready for the next chapter!

“EUPHORIA” – the first single from the new EP, is out now!

NFT Drop “Runner Runner”

available on Wednesday, 15th of May 2024, 18.00 CET – get notified!