Chiara Dubey - Parallel Universe (live)

"This track has been around for a while, but I never actually told the story behind it.My life was going through change, as I wrote it: I was living in London with my loved one at the time - one of the happiest chapters of my life - and for several reasons, eventually decided, hearth-broken, to move back to Switzerland, my homeland, leaving him and London behind.I was back in my old flat, a place that used to feel safe and embracing, warm and familiar.  I returned to places where I grew up, keepers of so many good memories, which used to be my home: but it didn't feel like home at all. It rather felt like walking through a parallel world, a "parallel universe" which looked exactly like that place I remembered being my home, but somewhat alien, strange, cold, wrong. This song is about loving, changing, evolving, so deeply till the point where we aren't able to fit (or don't want to fit) in our very home anymore."

Release Date: 27th of January 2022