Hot new releases and remixes

Loads of new releases are on their way or have already been released, mainly by the artists IRON MAYHEM and TREES OF TAMPA. We have some excellent remixes coming from the likes of Da Le (Havana), Azaria or Freya. You can get more information and insight on our release page. For more details about our artists, we recommend checking out their respective artist pages.

Especially for our club releases, it is our aim to provide DJ’s with upfront promos. If you wanna join our list, here is the place to pitch.

LIVANA MUSIC is a Swiss independent record label and publisher dedicated to electronic & neoclassical music. Our company is led by a team of music lovers, industry experts and daydreamers. We are keen to explore the endless possibilities offered by innovative art and immersive experiences, both in the real world and in the Web3 ecosystem. From iconic events to innovative marketing/promotion and release strategies, we create a space where artists and music fans can come together to celebrate the rising moon.

Interested in becoming a future artist of ours? Drop your demo via this link. Curious about our vision and services? You might wanna check out this updated page here.

And last but not least, thanks for buying or streaming our records – it really means the world to us. Feel free to follow us on your favourite social media channels and subscribe to our mailing lists.

much love, your LIVANA MUSIC Team