Published by LIVANA MUSIC

What if you took the plunge and pursued your dreams? Swiss/Danish Tobias Jensen has never turned back after following this path since his youth.

While composing and recording demos for his debut album, Tobias considers his Danish roots and travels to a small beach house on the Baltic Sea in winter. He began writing songs as soon as he lit the fireplace and heated up the improvised studio. The three months that he spent in the studio were spent immersing himself in his instruments, equipment, and visions. This has resulted in a 12 song emotive Pop album that is honest and modern-sounding. His ears were filled with the sounds of the wind, the fire, and the sea. Instrumental interludes are interspersed with these soundscapes.

Tobias Jensen‘s songs tell stories of his everyday life, and these stories hit right to the core. As a musician, the singer isn’t afraid to address serious issues like the passing of a loved one, drifting away from once close friends, and continually questioning the environment around him. The songs that he sings are nonetheless filled with longing and melancholy, but they also convey confidence and a sense of positive strength.

Album/Tracks already featured on NEW MUSIC DAILY (Switzerland, Denmark ,South Africa and more), NEW MUSIC FRIDAY Switzerland and many more editorial playlists.