WE ARE AVA – New single “You”

Another crisp pop strike for spring

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In November 2022, WE ARE AVA delivered five fresh pop songs in the form of the EP “B-Side” (with Happy, Drifting) and surprised with an organic warmth as well as a pinch of roughness.

Staying on an indie-poppy yet catchy rail, the trio releases their newest single “You” on April 28 2023.

«Could you please get out of my head right now? You were there for way too long and it‘s pulling me down. Oh you… It’s always been you.»

While analog synthesizers and raw drum sounds create a cloud drenched in lightness and playfulness, Kim sings about the disheartening limbo of a hopeless romance. Feelings that should not be and yet never seem to lose their magic and bittersweet flavor of destiny. «Trying to be your friendly soulmate, both know that it‘s trash, well, so fate is wrong. You have no idea how much I still don’t understand why such a bond didn’t matter enough to let her go. It’s been five years and I still want to be yours.»
Carried by a smooth balance between simple intimacy and harmony-rich expanses, WE ARE AVA delivers another crisp pop strike for spring.