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OCEAN – New single out now

Stream or download now the latest single by our publishing artists WE ARE AVA on all major streaming services and download portals via this link

After WE ARE AVA released their most streamed single Happy so far in May this year and achieved numerous airplays and playlist placements (Spotify NMF DE, CH, AT, Pop Brandneu, Fresh Finds GSA, Equal GSA, Apple New Music Daily, and many more), the pop trio from Eastern Switzerland now delivers a bittersweet, autumnal ballad called Ocean.

«So, every time that I need closure I know I need to find my way back to the sea.»
While the healing, perspective-creating effect of the sea and the closure with a relationship that has hit the wall are thematized, the band succeeds in a new access to an even warmer, comforting world. The approaches of an analog and organic sound, which were clear on Happy, were pursued further and singer Kim digs deeper and more honest into her emotions once again. «I don’t know myself in this cold and empty way. No one made me ever feel this numb.» Thus, she illustrates the pain of barely recognizing a previously loved one, but also the relief of returning to the sea to find peace with the heartbreaking situation. «The water is my therapy, my thoughts are like the tides at night, I let them come, I let them go.»

already feature on huge playlists such as NEW MUSIC FRIDAY GERMANY!