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We at LIVANA MUSIC are thrilled to welcome the new label Acid Canyon, founded by Trees of Tampa (the new project by Swiss producer and composer Alex Price), to our family. LIVANA MUSIC will co-publish and distribute all upcoming releases and we’re super excited about the future growth of both companies. We continue to inspire and share the same commitment to expand the quality artist roster and catalogue.

Established in 2022, the „Acid Canyon“ is a haven for the open minded, free spirits and longers. Founded by „Trees Of Tampa“, it stands for its own genre Western Electronica, but most importantly musical freedom.

Trees Of Tampa’s passion for music is deeply rooted. He’s influenced by 1960s orchestrations, dusty folk records and predominantly focusing on grooves which he describes as a expression of his spirit. „Trees Of Tampa“ calls his music genre Western Electronica, a unique combination of record sampling and live instrumentation layered by drum machines. It‘s propelled forward by distant psychedelic sounds and rippling basslines that induce trance like states. Alex, the master mind behinde Trees of Tampa is also the founding father of the Acid Canyon, an art loving community and record label, based in Zurich/ Switzerland.

As one of the hottest summers in history comes to an end, „Trees Of Tampa“ reveals his very first original track on his own label Acid Canyon. Following his first two releases on Oliver Koletzkis „A Tribe Called Kotori“ and Hive Audios „Summer Slices“ compilation back in 2020, the artist is now ready to show his own musical story. The powerful first release is called „Gather Around“ and is almost like a post-pandemic anthem.

Gather around, hug your neighbour and get lost in vibey music! Pre-Save “Gather Around” here