The rising light, the shining moon

Mystical, spherical, awakening and at the same time an ode to the interplay of day and night, dream and daydream, a celebration of universal duality.

Our label and publishing house stand for empathy, passion for our work and above all – for music. We choose artists who share our ethos and vision, who together with us seek to create a new universe.



Neon Dreams

Shem Thomas – 8


Chiara Dubey – Parallel Universe

Chiara Dubey

Chiara is a singer, composer and violinist who’s style is a fusion of modern classical and ambient/electro pop.

Introspective, dreamlike, sometimes surreal, and yet so intimate and human, Chiara’s sound world is an elegant texture of reflections, unique soundscapes, and her gentle voice.


Melday is a gifted singer/songwriter with a bend towards soul-infected Pop.

The 23 year old woman from Switzerland aims to have powerful, catchy and magical sounds but with an unconventional approach. Since the purpose behind her music is to touch as many hearts as possible on our little big planet.

Iron Mayhem

Cinematic music straight out of Zurich Altstetten.

Iron Mayhem captures sounds and noises from his daily life around his neighbourhood and creates unique, dreamy and atmospheric sounds which he integrates in his tracks.