TOMPAUL - Echoes

TOMPAUL, one of the most promising electronic acts from Switzerland, returns with their new single "Echoes", to further pave their way to international recognition and success.The sound of "Echoes" is dominated by an enchanting vocal line over a distinctive bassline.As the rhythm starts to take over, enchanting, bird-like synths emerge, enveloping listeners in familiarity and escape.A thrilling contrast is introduced, adding depth and harshness just when you think you know the essence of the song.

Using soft, yet precise rhythms, powerful bass lines, synthesizers, and organic instruments such as trombones, guitars, and vocals, the highly talented group evokes these dawn-like atmospheres yet again. "Echoes" is scheduled for release on February 22 2024. The band is looking forward to sharing their new music on all DSPs and playing live. Embrace the journey and explore the unexpected!

Release Date: 22nd of February 2024