Iron Mayhem - 1979 (NICO MORANO REWORK)

DJ Samy Jackson, one half of the well-known DJ duo "Animal Trainer", wanted to return to his roots after more than 20 years in the industry. It is for this reason that he founded his organic instrumental project Iron Mayhem 3 years ago. Rather than dance floor songs, this project features songs for the home.

Throughout his travels as a DJ, Samy has made many lasting friendships around the world. Nico Morano was one of them. As a result, Samy wanted only his closest friends to remix a track from his debut album. After they met backstage at a venue where both played a gig, Samy showed Nico the album. Nico immediately became enthusiastic about 1979 when he heard it for the first time! It was necessary for him to create a more club-friendly version so that he could play the track during his shows! Nico Morano's remix idea was born. Angelic vocals and melody keep the track's original 'niceness.' In order to make the track more Afro-rhythmic and complete the story, he added another vocal. The remix destroys dance floors and creates beautiful emotions at the same time!

Release Date: 25th of January 2024