Welcome Iron Mayhem

Another highlight for our new label, our third artist signing

Cinematic music from Altstetten – that’s the shortest way how Iron Mayhem describes his music. Well he is right, but there would be so many more words to describe him as a person and the sounds he creates. Iron is a producer and has been working in the music industry since forever. He has been touring the world during endless nights with an other famous project. His goal now is to conquer the world by day as well under the project name Iron Mayhem.

He already has been working on his debut album and to got inspired by wandering around his neighbourhood in Zurich-Altstetten and he has listened to every little sound that the city has to offer for sampling. Stay tuned for more news, coming soon…!

Meanwhile, join/follow IRON MAYHEM via links below and get an exclusive album track as Mp3 for free (“unlock”)