Iron Mayhem - Altstetten (Album)

Sometimes all it takes is a single thought on a red wine-soaked night, for life to take a completely new course.
Five years ago, one of these thoughts came racing through the mind of Samy Jackson, known as one half of the internationally renowned DJ duo, Animal Trainer. That was the night the song "Shells" came to life, completely different to anything else he had created with Animal Trainer: Not a song for the dance floor, but one for home.
From that moment on, Samy felt a growing desire to produce more of this type of music. Music that is not out to make people fidget. Rather, melancholic music with lots of space between the sounds, spherical and inviting as opposed to demanding.
Then, about two years ago and following a difficult time in his life, Samy decided to give in to his now urgent desire and tackle his first album under the name Iron Mayhem. It was to have 8 songs and the title "Altstetten" had already been decided. Altstetten, not only because moving to this district marked the end of a dark period in his life, but also because Altstetten is where he found love. For him it is not just a place, but a state of mind.
And that is exactly how Altstetten by Iron Mayhem sounds. Presented by LIVANA MUSIC and brought to life with the support of well-known experts such as Tobi Gmür (Mother's Pride) and DJ Dani Koenig, as well as Samy’s Iron Mayhem comrades-in-arms, Harry (vocals), Mana (violin), and Thomas (mixdown, studio recordings, sound design): Bitter and sweet, dark but with light on the horizon, wistful yet hopeful, expansive yet detailed.
Music for movie soundtracks, which is also a soundtrack to and for life. Samy: "I really like the term 'Cinematic Electronica', it sums up the sound of Iron Mayhem. And so far, everyone I know who has heard the album says it reminds them of a movie soundtrack."

Release Date: 21st of July 2022