Chiara Dubey – Stranger

New reworks by Egopusher and Recue

It’s an honor for us to announce the release of two awesome remixes of Chiara Dubey’s “Stranger”, which was the first release on our LIVANA MUSIC label. In both versions, the song is taken to a new level and will certainly reach a broader audience.

Read some thoughts on the rework by the producers themselves below:

“We’re fans of Chiara’s dreamy neoclassical music and her ethereal voice, so we were thrilled when she approached us for a remix of her song «Stranger». Our goal was to create a stripped-down and trippy track, in contrast to Chiara’s orchestral version. We aimed to capture a late-night car drive vibe and tell another story by cutting and rearranging her vocals, resulting in a melancholic soundtrack suitable for late-night journeys.” (Egopusher)

“Featuring Chiara’s beautiful vocals combined with dark, distorted electronic tones, this remix flirts with dance floor-friendly electronic sounds but ditches the four on the floor clichés. Whenever you rework an original you like, you tend not to depart too drastically. However, the aim was to create something that respected the original and brought something completely reimagined with my own voice.” (Recue)

Chiara just finished her forthcoming album which is planned to see daylight in early 2024. Expect another chapter and previously unreleased music by Chiara towards the end of this year. Our team is thrilled to begin promoting the songs from the upcoming album very soon.

On another note, three older Chiara tracks are now part of the soundtrack to Isabel Coixet’s film “Un Amor“. The movie was premiered on the 26th of September at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, which is huge news!