Tobias Jensen

How about taking the plunge and chasing your dreams? Having followed this path since his youth, Tobias Jensen, who was voted “Best Talent by Swiss National Radio SRF1”, has never looked back.

Tobias reflects on his roots in Denmark and travels to a small beach house on the Baltic Sea in winter to compose and record demos for his upcoming album. After lighting the fireplace and bringing the improvised studio up to temperature, he begins writing songs. Over the course of about three months, he immersed himself in the studio with his instruments, equipment, and vision. The result is an honest and modern-sounding singer-songwriter album with catchy pop songs and dreamy/atmospheric interludes, due for release early next year. Signed by muve recordings since July 2023, Tobias is looking forward to taking the next step in his career internationally. His passion for music has been a source of great strength, even when times are difficult, and he continues to pursue his dreams with passion and enthusiasm. The album showcases his unique songwriting style, combining dreamy soundscapes with catchy melodies and infectious lyrics that are sure to captivate audiences around the world. With this release, Tobias is sure to make a big impact!