New music by Chiara Dubey

Experience this unique soundscape and be taken away into a tranquil and melodic world with the captivating “All That You Can Be” by BPMoore & Chiara Dubey, now available. Give it a listen to enjoy a moment of bliss and calm

We are thrilled to announce that Chiara Dubey has released an original song titled “All That You Can Be” today. In this song, she collaborates with British producer Ben aka BPMoore. With her beautiful voice, Chiara perfectly matches the electronic/classical instrumental parts, and the lyrics give us warmth and hope.

Chiara about the record: “Ben reached out to me in 2021 with an utterly beautiful, dreamy and uplifting instrumental track, which immediately resonated with me. He already knew what the track meant to him and asked me to rewrite his message in my own words, with my own lyrics.
Ben is a teacher, and wanted “All That You Can Be” to serve as a message of encouragement and hope for the young generation. I tried to imagine myself talking to someone in need of guidance. What would I see? What would I say?
The result is this fusion of two hearts and worlds. His thoughts through my words, his music through my voice.”

Ben’s thoughts on the track: “All That You Can Be” was inspired by working as a teacher for 15 years with young people of all ages. With the recent events scarring areas around the world, it’s difficult to know what affect they will have on the mental health of young people. This is in the years to come, when they become adults. My hope is that they can still reach their potential and do everything they dream of.

Music can provide a healing outlet for young people in hard times. Music empowers them to express themselves and find their own voice.

This amazingly beautiful song is now available as Stream or Download on all DSP’s via this link: