Zurich‘s techno culture is alive! From 07.08.2023 to 13.08.2023, the first edition of Zurich Music Week (ZMW) will showcase the electronic music culture in all its facets and cultural significance! During ZMW not only international and local music creators come together, it also aims to highlight the diversity of the music industry. It also contributes to sustainable debate on topics relevant today. With conferences, lectures, workshops and off-events, ZMW is the unique Swiss exchange platform for, for and with representatives of the electronic music scene.

«Forging a New Creative Economy: NFT’s in the Music Industry»

Honestly, do you know what an NFT is? Do you REALLY know? Could you explain how an NFT works, and most importantly, how it can be used to make money in the music industry? We don’t, to be honest – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to change by asking people who have a clue about “Non-fungible Tokens” and their economics in the music industry to take the podium!

Valentina Chiriatti – our artist relations & label manager – will participate on stage to discuss musicNFT opportunities, together with other panelists such as Karl-Oliver-Goedicke (HYPERY) or Finn Martin (Beatport.io). Don’t miss it!

Register: https://zmw.ch/program/conferences/conferences10

To learn more about the first LIVANA MUSIC NFT drop, visit this page.