Iron Mayhem – Libertas (Music Video)

Filmed in Iran by Ava Irandoost

A must see, the new music video by Iron Mayhem which was filmed this year in Iran by film maker Ava Irandoost, award winning Director, Writer, Video Artist and DJ based in Berlin and L.A.

AVA explains:
“When Samy (Iron Mayhem) asked me to shoot a video for Iron Mayhem, I was in Iran and offered him to shoot some footage there. I have been always interested in Urban life and female characters and that’s what I recorded in Iran, before the protests have begun. When I was back in Berlin and started editing the video, the protests in Iran were just starting. I couldn’t believe the coincidence and how the images, the lyrics and even the name of the track fitted perfectly to the current events in Iran. Synchronicity!? While editing, I was rather an observer; the music and the images came together accompanied with my tears. The story that Iranian women are writing now can hardly be put into words. This video is dedicated to all those courageous women, who fight for freedom.”

Woman, Life, Freedom!

زن زندگی آزادی


taken from the album:

Iron Mayhem – Altstetten (LIVANA MUSIC)